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Flexographic Printing Equipment
Flexographic Cleaning Equipment
Press Room Equipment

Every press room has a wide variety of equipment needs. We are proud to be able to offer some of the most advanced equipment from around the world to meet your most complex needs. So, whether you need a press, laminator, slitter rewinder, plate cleaner, plate mounter, web inspection, roll handling, doctor  blades, anti-static & dust removal systems or other machinery, please give us a call or browse through our site for more information.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Maintaining the performance and condition of your anilox and other on-press components is vital for every printer and converter regardless of the particular market that you are in. The Flexo Factor offers Caresonic’s full range of ultrasonic anilox and parts cleaners. Every machine is designed and built to order to suit your exact requirements. Machines can be built to clean one or several anilox or parts at the same time and can be semi-manual or fully automated wash clean and dry.

Cleaning is often seen as a mundane activity for many operators and managers alike and yet poor housekeeping and cleaning is almost always linked to poor efficiencies and less profitability. With many years of experience, we offer not just the right product for the right application but technical advice and support to ensure you achieve the optimum cleaning results regardless of the degree of difficulty.

Converting Equipment

There is little point producing a great extruded or printed product if you do not have the same efficiencies in your converting equipment. With our constant search worldwide for the most advanced engineered solutions we offer wide slitter rewinders and die cutting equipment to suit every material and application.

Web Cleaning

An area that is often overlooked regarding overall press room efficiencies is dust and other loose particles. We offer ACE Electrostatic’s “contact” and “non – contact “ cleaners, as well as their full range of anti-static and dust removal equipment. With decades of experience all ACE equipment has been specifically designed to neutralize electrostatic loads and remove the contaminating particles of dust generated during the printing and converting processes.

Inspection Systems

With a range of GiGe Color Area Scan Cameras, a 22” Touch Screen Monitor as standard and easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen controls, our PANTHER Digital is a flexible system that will appeal to all market sectors .

We have equipped ourselves to be a one-stop shop for flexographic printing equipment and supplies.

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Flexography Questions and Answers

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We were experiencing intermittent print quality issues for more than a year. We invited Steve from The Flexo Factor to stop out and observer our printing operation. Within less than an hour he discovered the cause and we were able to solve it.

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We work to stay ahead of deadlines all the time. Although Flexo Graphic printing has been around a long time there is new and better equipment being developed that can help our processes and efficiency. The Flexo Factor team keeps us current.

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Our team of printing experts look forward to a periodic visit from a consultant from The Flexo Factor. There is something about having a Flexo Factor expert stop in and take a look at our process so we can continually continually improve.

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