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Anilox Cleaners

It is a fact that every printer asks themselves the same daily questions.  How do I best clean my anilox?  What anilox cleaners do we have?  Are these the best available anilox cleaners?

I have spent decades in the flexo industry.  Much of this time was spent manufacturing all types of anilox rolls and sleeves.  The challenge with anilox is maintaining consistent performance of the anilox during every print run.  This is a daily challenge for printers globally.

Regular Cleaning

The reality is many printers do not attempt regular cleaning of their anilox.  Another reality is that printers try to clean anilox with sub-optimal cleaners.  They may use what ever generic cleaning products happen to be around the press room.

Fortunately, my career takes me around the world.  This results in the good fortune of testing hundreds of anilox cleaning solutions.  I have also tested many models of anilox cleaning equipment and tested the equipment in every flexo market segment.  Because of this invaluable experience I know what works the best.

The Challenge is that multiple ink chemistries are sometimes used on the same press

The challenge for Flexo printers in particular is that multiple ink chemistries are sometimes used on the same job and hence the same press.  This can include water based, UV and solvent based inks and coatings.  Even if the inks and coatings are supplied by the same manufacturers the inks and coatings often do not react well together.  As a result this sometimes creates a cross linked chemical mixture that often will resist most anilox cleaners.  This is why it is important to match the anilox cleaning solution to the application.

Ceramic Coating

Another problem for many printers is that the ceramic coating applied by many engravers may be very porous.  This problem in addition to the engraved anilox cell means that all types of inks and coatings tend to aggressively attach themselves to the coating which leads to additional cleaning difficulties.

Sandon Global Anilox

This is one of the reasons we offer Sandon Global anilox which have virtually no porosity due to the method of plasma coating and sealants which makes the coating much easier to clean.  Sandon Global anilox also resists plugging for the same reason.

Choosing Anilox Cleaners

We recommend the use of our Realcleen or Platecleen ready to use spray for everyday use on lightly contaminated anilox.

In the event that ink has dried on any anilox surface, or if obvious staining, banding or camouflaging can be seen;  Then we recommend our Rejuvenator gel or Eliminator.  Eliminator is our most popular anilox cleaning solution.

These cleaners have been selected and developed over many years based on my decades of global experience.  They are proven to be extremely effective reliable anilox cleaners.  In case you were wondering, the Realcleen and Platecleen are most effective with water, UV inks and for solvent inks.  Rejuvenator gel, Eliminator and our Smartflex High tech solutions also do a great job.

With solvent inks many printers tend to use readily available solvents.  While these solutions may be cheap they create a lot of volatile organic compounds in the press room environment and are less effective when it comes to removing staining and other marking from the anilox surface and coating. Our anilox cleaners have very low or no volatile organic compounds in them and are therefore considered safer for the environment and operator.

We recommend using our Erazor sponges to apply our anilox cleaners.  Stainless steel brushes are used with the Erazor sponges for cleaning ceramic anilox surfaces.  Horse hair brushes should be used for cleaning plates.  Nylon bristled brushes are used for harder surfaces.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultimately, for deep cleaning of your anilox, to remove the maximum amount of contamination from the engraved surface and from within the ceramic coating we strongly recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.  Specifically, our European manufactured systems which utilize a patented frequency sweep technology from Caresonic.

RealCleen Ready To Use
RealCleen Ready To Use
Rejuvenator Anilox Cleaner
Rejuvenator Anilox Cleaner
Eliminator Anilox Cleaner
Eliminator Anilox Cleaner

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