CareSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mini Bench-Top System

Caresonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Caresonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Caresonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Caresonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

With its minimal footprint and exceptional deep cleaning capability this mini bench-top ultrasonic cleaner  is a must for every printer that is serious about maintaining print quality.

Mini Bench-Top Ultrasonic Cleaning System; Designed to suit all label press anilox the Mini Bench-top system guarantees that your anilox are deep cleaned back to like new condition every time.

With its solid stainless steel construction and patented frequency sweep technology this system is safe to clean all engravings.

With its simple to use on off push buttons and timer it is easy to use and fully automated once the start sequence has been initiated.

Up to two anilox can be cleaned at the same time and with its minimal footprint these machines are intended to be positioned where they can be of most use and that is- right beside the press.

With a wash tank capacity of less than 6 gallons and a mixture of a water dilutable concentrate and water that will last for several weeks payback is very rapid.

If you are serious about keeping the heart of your press (the anilox) in tip top condition then give us a call and let us tell you how affordable this technology is for you!

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