Roll Cleaning Equipment for the Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Industry

For most corrugators, getting your rolls out of the machines is a huge undertaking; therefore, being able to guarantee that your anilox rolls are 100% clean before re-installing them is critical. Equally, not tying up multiple man-hours to manually scrub the rolls is just as vital.

With our fully automated ultrasonic systems, once the operator has placed the roll into the tank, the only manual effort required is the removal of the clean roll from the tank once the preset cleaning cycle is complete. Additionally, every machine is built and designed to suit all sizes of machines, including jumbo machines.

We also offer a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink and adhesives (UV-cured inks, water and solvent-based inks. ​​​​

Roll Cleaning Equipment for Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing
Roll Cleaning Equipment for Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing
Cleaning Equipment Wide Web Flexographic Printing
Cleaning Equipment Wide Web Flexographic Printing

Increasing Corrugator Speed case study

Because of today’s increasing pressure on box makers to increase production and reduce costs, it is time to study equipment that is known for increasing corrugator speed capabilities.

Let’s design and build the best infrared drying system for this corrugating unit.

In this case the best system is needed and the OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ talented fabricators are the best choice to design, manufacture and install the custom built infrared drying system for increasing corrugator speed.  This system is for a traditional style gas heated corrugating unit.  Our test subject is a typical gas fired corrugator that runs consistently up to 500 board feet per minute.  This is the absolute top speed for this machine.  Greenbond  problems start right at 500.   To achieve this speed requires a skilled and experienced operator combined with consistent high quality board and glue  Read More…

Infrared Drying Systems

Let us help boost your corrugator speeds and profits with Infrared Drying Systems!

Infrared drying systems (IR systems) eliminate greenbond issues and dramatically increase corrugator speeds.  It will also help to significantly reduce starch consumption.

Infrared Drying Systems for Box Makers


By using infrared drying systems to improve the drying process of glue/starch during the corrugating process the glue/starch will dry faster and more consistently.  Corrugator glue/starch dries by evaporating the water in the glue/starch.  Because infrared energy evaporates water from the glue faster and more consistently less glue is needed.  The result is that the speed of the corrugating process may be increased by up to 33%.  Also, because the process is faster and more controlled, the glue/starch is applied more evenly resulting in reduced glue/starch consumption.

This results in an immediate savings of time, glue and energy.  Infrared drying uses less energy than gas fired heaters and steam.  Infrared energy penetrates the cardboard and glue much faster and more evenly than gas heated air or steam.  This faster and more even heat penetration contributes directly to the faster and more consistent glue application and drying.  Also, the increased drying consistency reduces the amount of glue required so that there is less glue to dry – even further reducing the drying time  Read More…

Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Let us help boost your corrugator coating and printing speeds and profits with Ultraviolet Curing Systems!

Ultraviolet curing (UV Curing Systems) and dramatically increase your corrugator coating and printing speeds.  It will also help to significantly reduce ink consumption.

The UV Ink has a photo initiator which is activated by the LED ultraviolet lamps.  By curing the ink faster, less ink is required because there is less time for the ink to soak into the board.  The same is true if a coating or varnish is used to coat the board before and/or after the ink is applied.

Ultraviolet Curing Systems



The LED Curing system is consumes much less energy and is faster than the commonly used mercury bulbs.  There is virtually no heat generated from the LEDs and the LED Lamps are instant-on so there is not any warm-up or startup time required.  This results in faster curing times, reduced coating and ink consumption, better print quality and less energy consumption.


You can run faster and with increased print quality plus less material and energy costs with a well designed ultraviolet system installed on your Corrugator Read More…

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