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Eliminate to Rejuvenate!!

In Flexo Factor Blog by Steven

Eliminate to Rejuvenate!! If you are struggling to remove staining, camouflaging, banding and general contamination from your anilox then you need look no further as we have the perfect answer, it is a solution we call “Eliminator”. Developed after many years of research this product has helped hundreds of printers worldwide rejuvenate anilox that would otherwise have been reworked unnecessarily.

The product is intended mostly for manual cleaning of any anilox, particularly if you do not have any mechanical means of cleaning the engraved surface whether it is ceramic or chrome plated.

That said most media and liquid pressure wash systems struggle to remove stubborn staining and marking particularly on ceramic engraved surfaces which is why many customers also find Eliminator as a great pre or post finishing solution to help enhance the finished result.

The problem is that most staining, banding and other stubborn marking is often heavily embedded into the porosity of the coating and not just on the surface so unless you have a ultrasonic cleaning system many of these problems can simply not be resolved without the addition of our solution.

While manual cleaning of your anilox cannot match the deep cleaning of the ultrasonic deep cleaning process with the application of our eliminator solution combined with our Erazor sponges a few ounces of product can often rejuvenate an entire anilox within a few minutes. All it takes is a little elbow grease and sometimes a few applications for really dried in marking for most contaminates to be removed to the point that the engraving is returned to as near a sonically deep cleaned finish as manual cleaning is capable of. All you need do after applying the concentrate and rubbing into the surface completely around and across the engraved roll is to wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the contaminate as it is released from the coating , rinse with fresh water and dry completely to ensure no solution runs around the roll.

Sounds too good to be true ? It’s understandable that you should question its capabilities so please feel free to call us and ask for a free sample we will be delighted to send you a 8oz sample complete with our unique Erazor sponges to apply it.

I guarantee you will love it so what have you got to lose give us a call and save on your anilox roll replacement cost and achieve the consistent performance that your anilox should give you!!