Ultraviolet Curing System with Electronic Controls

Ultraviolet Curing Systems

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Let us help boost your corrugator coating and printing speeds and profits with Ultraviolet Curing Systems!

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Ultraviolet curing (UV Curing Systems) and dramatically increase your corrugator coating and printing speeds.  It will also help to significantly reduce ink consumption.

The UV Ink has a photo initiator which is activated by the LED ultraviolet lamps.  By curing the ink faster, less ink is required because there is less time for the ink to soak into the board.  The same is true if a coating or varnish is used to coat the board before and/or after the ink is applied.

Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Consume Less Energy

The LED Curing system is consumes much less energy and is faster than the commonly used mercury bulbs.  There is virtually no heat generated from the LEDs and the LED Lamps are instant-on so there is not any warm-up or startup time required.  This results in faster curing times, reduced coating and ink consumption, better print quality and less energy consumption.

Increased Print Quality

You can run faster and with increased print quality plus less material and energy costs with a well designed ultraviolet system installed on your Corrugator.

By using ultraviolet curing to improve the curing process of inks and coatings after the  corrugating process the coatings and ink will cure faster and more consistently.  Many coatings and inks are water based and cure by evaporation.  Because infrared energy evaporates water from the coatings and inks faster and more consistently less coating and ink is needed.  The result is that the speed of the  process may be increased by up to 33%, less coating and ink is required and less energy is consumed.

Save time, glue and energy

This results in the savings of time, glue and energy as previously mentioned.  Ultraviolet curing uses less energy than gas fired heaters. Ultraviolet energy penetrates the cardboard and coatings faster and more evenly than gas heated air.  This contributes to the faster and more consistent curing.

Corrugator speeds have increased from 500 fpm to 700 fpm because of the installation of OXYTECH SYSTEMS™  ultraviolet curing and Infrared Drying Systems.

Infrared Drying Systems create similar speed increases when using water based glue and starch on the corrugator.

Ultraviolet Curing System for Corrugators

Ultraviolet Curing System for Corrugators

The Infrared Drying process increases the speed capabilities and corrugators experience material and energy savings when they are installed on the corregating unit.

Ultraviolet Curing System Specifications:

  • These OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ infrared drying systems use 480 v 3 phase power
  • Ultraviolet Curing systems can be installed in less than one day
  • These systems are suitable for all board including single, double and triple wall.

Improved Print Quality – Controlling cross-direction moisture profiles:

  • Sharper Print
  • Less ink bleeding
  • Higher Speeds
  • Reduced
Increasing Corrugator Speed
OXYTECH SYSTEMS Infrared drying systems frequently can increase corrugator speeds 30+ percent.
Ultraviolet Curing System with Electronic Controls
Ultraviolet Curing System with Electronic Controls
Oxytech Systems Infrared Drying System with Light Shield
Oxytech Systems Infrared Drying System with Light Shield
Oxytech Systems Infrared Light Shield
Oxytech Systems Infrared Light Shield
Oxytech Infrared Drying Systems
Oxytech Infrared Drying Systems
Infrared Drying System
Infrared Drying System

Our Equipment Line Up for Box Makers Includes: Infrared Drying Systems and Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Four components, critical to curing flexo inks:

  • Short wave technology
  • Medium wave technology
  • Heated air knives
  • Evacuation

With all four components utilized properly, energy consumption is greatly reduced:

  • Up to 1000 watts per inch, Air cooled, Shutter less lamp housings
  • 7 power levels for energy efficiency
  • Instant on/off technology.
The team at OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ Inc. brings more than 70 years of combined ultraviolet curing system experience.
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