Supplier of the best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for the Narrow Web Industry

Utilizing the very best European technology we offer a wide range of benchtop and free standing ultrasonic cleaning systems. We have been designing and building ultrasonic systems for over 30 years and have over 6000 installations worldwide. Utilizing a unique frequency sweep technology with generator boards and transducer arrays designed and built by our own engineers, we offer the safest most efficient ultrasonic systems capable of cleaning all engraved surfaces, printing plates, continuous engraved rolls & sleeves and any type of press room component that may require cleaning.

Specifically designed for the narrow web, tag and label industries our bench top models have become the industry standard for safe, efficient cleaning of all line counts. They can be installed at press side with their minimal footprint and are offered in one, two or three and four roll configurations, anything above this number would fall into our freestanding units, but we can design and build machines to suit your specific needs.

Care Sonic Freestanding

Utilizing a sliding support arm the benchtop can clean multiple widths of rolls up to 28 “face. The systems are extremely easy to operate and are all made from high quality stainless steel and require very little maintenance. The same is true for our free standing 6 roll systems which again have a very small foot print and can again clean multiple size rolls.

The Flexo Factor also offers a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink & adhesives (UV-cured inks, water & solvent-based inks. Additionally, we offer manual cleaning products.

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