Flexico V5 Plate Mounter – Built the way printers wanted plate mounting equipment built.

The unique patented design of the Flexico V5 polymer-plate mounting machine evolved following an analysis of ‘what the printer wanted’ for fast and accurate mounting of plates.

The machine’s clever design provides a rise and fall plate bed on which the plate is placed before being pulled forward underneath the cameras and gently clamped into place by a pneumatically powered holding bar. Once the plate is placed on the bed and gently clamped in position, the operators hands are free to make lateral as well as forward/back/swivel movement of the plate so the first plate can be mounted with the position set using this clever and unique adjustment facility.

The Flexo Factor also offers a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink and adhesives ,UV-cured inks, water and solvent-based inks. Additionally, we offer manual cleaning products.

Tectonic Flexico V5 Plate Mounter

Tectonic Flexico V5 Plate Mounter
Tectonic Flexico V5 Plate Mounter
  • Mount plates quickly and accurately onto sleeves or cylinders
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce setting up time on the press
  • Plate-bed frees hands allowing fine tuning for perfect registration
  • Pneumatically operated plate clamp for ease of mounting from centre of plate
  • Precision adjustment for accurate plate to cylinder/sleeve adjustment, both along the repeat and across the print width
  • High resolution (720p), top of the range color cameras and lenses provide a high resolution image
  • Two 19” wide screen color TFT monitors
  • Duel LED “Super-bright” lighting
  • Bearing block mounts or mounting in between centers
  • Locking key mechanism for sleeves, to assure identical plate mounting across multiple sleeves
  • Suitable for microdot register marks.
  • Rigid construction
  • Can be built to service one press or more than one make of press

Tectonic Plate Mounter Video

Flexico V5 Plate Mounter

Tectonic Flexico V5 Plate Mounter
Tectonic Flexico V5 Plate Mounter

Flexico De-Mounting System

  • The Plate De-Mounting machine was developed by Tectonic International as a simple, effective add-on that reduces the manual force used when removing plates from cylinders or sleeves.
  • Reduce downtime on mounting
  • Reduce the risk of damage to plates
  • Reduce risk of damage to the mounting machine
  • Reduce physical effort

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