The number one anilox cleaner for guaranteed results. This is perfect for removing staining, camouflaging and banding on anilox rollers. This is a strong cleaning solution and should not be used as a plate cleaner and should not be used on photopolymer or rubber.

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You should consider trying our Eliminator solution which is guaranteed work for all anilox applications. Eliminator is really good for eliminating stubborn staining, camouflaging and banding which are common issues with many anilox. These issues persist even after machine washing in some cases. Eliminator can be used either for manual cleaning or as a preconditioning application prior to putting your anilox into a pressure wash or ultrasonic system. This helps you achieve a faster more complete clean of your anilox surface which restores it to like new condition.

Eliminator is best applied using Erazor Anilox Sponges which are also available here on this store.