Pro-sonic Two Roll Ultrasonic System

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Brand New Unit

Pro-sonic two roll ultrasonic system for both integral rolls and sleeves

Unit is fabricated from high quality stainless steel to provide robust construction and ease of cleaning

The system is simple to operate with all controls on front panel

There is a separate button control for the sonics, rotation and heating

To help prevent an overflow situation if various diameter rolls are used there is a weir overflow tank from the wash tank

On the non driven side of the tank there is a adjustable sliding support arm for rolls of different lengths


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Ultrasonic systems are the most cost effective, operator friendly consistent cleaning process for all printing systems whether you are a flexographic, gravure, commercial or digital printer.

Ultrasonic cleaning has always been and is still the only cleaning system capable of deep cleaning laser engraved ceramic anilox, uniformly across and around the entire surface area consistently, without damage to the coating or engraved cell pattern.

Due to the natural porosity of even the best plasma ceramic coatings much of the contamination of an anilox cannot be seen or even reached by any other cleaning method.

It is this hidden contamination that causes the anilox to re-plug after cleaning using any method other than ultrasonics. By creating the nano micro size bubbles ultrasonics can reach into the smallest pores within a coating which in doing so will remove the pigment and resin particles that are naturally forced into them during the printing process. Pressure washers and laser cleaning systems are not able to penetrate ceramic coatings.  As a result, residual particles are left trapped in the coating which attract the fresh ink or coating resulting in loss of volume carrying capacity of the anilox.

Both systems are prone to overuse by the operator to remove more stubborn staining which can result in damage to the cell structure and in the case of the laser can leave behind witness lines and camouflaging that cannot be removed from the engraving other than by refurbishment of the anilox.

These sonic units have their challenges as well, much of which is to do with the way the operator loads, unloads the anilox from the tank.

This usually results in tanks being overwhelmed with too much water that can penetrate inside the tank and cause failure of the generator boards or at the very least blown fuses or breakers.

To overcome these issues, we have gone back to the drawing board and completely redesigned our tanks and come up with a Pro-Sonic range of units that allows for the entire anilox including journals to be placed into the wash tank rather than hanging over the edge. In addition, we have added a weir that allows for any excess or displacement of solution in the wash tank to run into a separate section at the back of the tank. We have also put the main electronics, generator board and other controls in their own separate sealed box to further protect them from any moisture.

Operator controls are located on the face of the tank and allow for independent control of the sonic run time, temperature control and rotation. A level control sensor will light up on the front panel telling the operator that the tank needs topping up for any loss due to evaporation.

There are separate lids for the wash and weir tanks when the system is not in use,

Drainage for both tanks is via two separate valves and can have filtration added for larger units. Our basis unit can clean two anilox, but we can build units  with capacities  of up to 6 anilox rolls and both integral and sleeves.

All tanks are built using high quality polished stainless-steel and can have wheels, legs added for improved ergonomic placement and repositioning if requested.