Rejuvenator Gel


This is perfect for removing heavy dried ink and staining from your anilox rolls.  Rejuvenator is in a gel form and will not run when applying. This is ideal to use on as well as off press.

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Rejuvenator Gel

REJUVENATOR Gel Ready to Use – A highly concentrated technically advanced cleaner for use in and around the press room.  This is a concentrated gel and therefore it does not run off  the rolls and can create a chemical reaction which loosens the dried ink from the anilox ceramic.  This gel is engineered to be a concentrated cleaner and therefore it is not intended to be diluted.  This concentrated gel is the perfect consistency to stick to anilox rolls and dried ink.

Perfect for All Hard Surfaces

Rejuvenator is perfect for all hard surfaces such as press frames, anilox, web rollers and general parts.  This gel removes all types of ink, oil, grease and other contaminants.

Available in 1 gallon Jugs with a Manual Pump

It is available in 20 oz bottles, half gallon bottles 1gal bottles with hand pump for precise measurement and minimal waste.  To help restore your anilox back to like new condition with minimal effort you should use Rejuvinator Gel.  It works the best and saves people a lot of time.

Removes Dried Ink and Staining from Anilox Rolls

The Rejuvinator Gel will not run during the application because it is a gel which is ideal to use on the press and also off-press.  Heavy dried-in ink and staining on your anilox rolls requires Rejuvenator Gel for a thorough cleaning.

For very badly soiled rolls we recommend Rejuvenator Gel be used along with Eliminator Spray.   The combination of alternating the Rejuvenator Ready to Use Gel and Eliminator cleaner works better than either cleaner individually. For instance, applying the two cleaners causes a favorable chemical reaction which dissolves the dried ink.

Anilox Rolls Are Clean as New

We recommend applying Rejuvenator Gel with our Erazor sponges for best results. A little goes a long way. Apply in a circular motion across and around the entire face of the anilox allowing a few minutes for the product to dissolve the ink. Rinse with fresh water and dry roll completely. For layered and dried ink on the anilox, consider performing several applications of the cleaners to help penetrate into the cells of the ceramic coating and loosen the ink. If ink is particularly thick we suggest use of one of our stainless steel anilox cleaning brushes after the cleaners are applied.  Also, please leave the cleaners on the roll for several minutes to give them time to work.

The Flexo Factor™ Rejuvenator Gel Anilox Cleaner

Rejuvenator Anilox Cleaner