Silver Meta Scratch-Off Ink


Meta-Scratch scratch-off ink is specifically formulated for printing scratch-off game inserts as well as lottery tickets. Key features include low environmental impact (no APE), providing leveling on UV release coats, and has excellent hiding capabilities when combined with opaque white or black inks.

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Silver Meta Scratch-Off Ink, a water-based metallic specifically formulated for printing scratch-off game inserts as well as lottery tickets.

Key features:

  • Low environmental impact water based formulation.  Contains no APE.
  • Specifically developed to provide leveling on UV release coats.
  • Excellent hiding can be achieved wen applied in combination with Opaque White or Black inks.


  • Viscosity = 20-25″/#3Zhan Cup
  • pH = 8.5+/-.5
  • Average Particle size = 8.0 – 10.0 um
  • Pigment Content = 13.0% +/- 1.5%
  • Heat Resistance = 250℉, 40 psi, 1/2 sec dwell
  • Rub / Mar resistance = Poor (recommend using on appropriate Overprint Varnish)
  • Shelf-life = 4 months, under normal storage conditions.

Printing Suggestions:

  • BCM recommendation: 5.5 to 8.0 BCM ranges are recommended.
  • Application: Typically printed over a UV release coating to achieve optimum scratch-off
  • pH recommendation: A range of 8.5 ± .5 is generally preferred, as this allows for good press
    performance and prolongs shelf-life of the finished inks.

Recommended to apply the UV release coating prior to applying the scratch off coating.

Do Not:

o Do not incorporate any inks, additives or pigmented dispersions that are high in alkalinity, this will cause excessive gassing, poor printing, loss of brilliance, rapid viscosity gain and lower the
shelf life.
o Do not store metallic inks in temperatures over 95℉ for extended periods.
o Do not leave product in uncovered containers for prolonged periods. Always replace cover/lid after each use to maintain a good shelf-life.
o Do not mix aluminum pigment based inks using high sheer mixers, doing this will cause pigment fallout, gassing and loss of brilliance.

** Inks are manufactured upon receiving order, a 24 hours degas process is required before packaging and