Maintaining the performance and condition of your anilox and other on press components is vital for every printer and converter regardless of the particular market that you are in. The FlexoFactor is proud to be able to offer the Caresonic range of ultrasonic cleaning systems that are the result of over 20 years’ experience in providing safe and efficient cleaning equipment for many markets, including the print industry.

Caresonic is recognized as the market leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning systems that offer a patented “frequency sweep” generator technology. This technology has proven to be highly effective and, more importantly, safe for all types of engraved surfaces and materials.

​All machines are individually designed and built to suit each customer’s unique cleaning needs.. They can clean all types of integral and sleeved anilox, as well as other components such as ink chambers, blade holders, gears, in fact anything that requires regular cleaning with the minimum of operator effort. Systems can include optional rinse tanks, filtration, lids and are capable of cleaning from one to multiple anilox and other components including printing plates.

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most efficient methods for cleaning. All systems are fully automated, with automatic rotation, heaters and timers. The operator only has to place a roll/sleeve or component in the tank and press a single button to activate the cleaning process.

Systems have been provided to companies around the world for all industries, including printers in flexography, rotogravure, offset and screen printing. Caresonic also supplies to the aerospace, automotive, precision engineering, food, Pharmaceutical, Electronic and medical industries.

The FlexoFactor also offers a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink and adhesives ,UV-cured inks, water and solvent-based inks. Additionally, we offer manual cleaning products.

Caresonic Ultrasonic Cleaner