The Flexo Factor Training Program

Flexo Consultant

The Flexo Factor training program is intended to initially cover flexographic fundamentals such as anilox selection, housekeeping, doctor blade selection, print cylinder setup, and basic ink use. Operators will not only gain a good understanding of flexo theory but also gain valuable troubleshooting techniques tailored to your particular flexo equipment, setup and situation.

Steve, the flexography consultant will visit your location.  Yes, that means you can get a flexo consultant to your location.  (Almost any location)

  • To provide basic and advanced training for all flexographic personnel
  • To identify fundamental print process issues and expectations
  • To help improve productivity in all areas
  • To improve print quality
  • To reduce material and consumable costs
  • To reduce scrap levels
  • To help improve housekeeping practices
  • To help improve bottom line
  1. Assessment of needs – walk through with key personnel to help identify fundamental issues.
  2. Classroom training – can include but not limited to operators, supervisors, management, and maintenance. They will be presented with fundamentals of the flexographic process, anilox selection, care and handling, and more. All programs can and will be tailored to suit each group and company’s needs.
  3. All attendees receive a certificate of attendance, a follow up written examination is offered online for individuals looking to extend their knowledge, and on successful completion will receive a certificate of merit.

Flexo Consultancy – Program Process

The Flexo Factor consultancy program is intended to give a clear overview of the specific opportunity that a customer may specify or even ask to be identified. All programs begin with an initial discussion with all stakeholders that have been or will be involved with each project. From this initial discussion the exact parameters and goals that the program is to work within will be set and time frames will be agreed.

We pride ourselves on offering totally independent advice and consultancy. This will provide great value for your money and immediate return on investment not just in your bottom line. Also, in employee moral can continue to be developed with additional programs and technical support to meet your everyday needs.

We will tailor our consulting to meet your needs. For pricing information, please contact us.

Scheduling for all training and consultancy is recommended at least 6-8 weeks before the program is needed to take place. We will always work with clients to allow for earlier schedules where solutions and support are time critical.

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