Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for the Wide Web Industry

Unique to The Flexo Factor, we design and build every cleaning system to suit your specific needs, for one or multiple rolls, sleeves or other machine parts. Machines can be customized to suit your power supply and designed to suit your plant requirements.

Both rolls and sleeves of differing widths and diameters can be cleaned with our wide range of models to suit all printing presses and markets. For our ultrasonic systems, optional items, such as stainless lids, stainless baskets, rinse tanks and filtration systems are also available.

We also offer a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink and adhesives (UV-cured inks, water and solvent-based inks. ​​


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