Orion Plate Cleaner Conveyor

Orion Plate Cleaners – The Best Way To Clean Your Valuable Plates!

Let me introduce you to the Orion Plate Cleaner.

  • Built in a variety of widths ranging from 18 up to 56” wide the Orion plate cleaner can handle all types of plates and widths to suit your plate cleaning needs.
  • Finally, you can throw away that scrubbing brush and let your plates be cleaned automatically efficiently and effectively.
  • Breath a sigh of relief knowing that your plate investment will be put away ready to use instead of ready to replace!
  • Eliminate potential repetitive stress injuries (RSI) resulting from hand scrubbing.
  • Dramatically reduce your labor cost and free up your operator to do more productive things, like run the press!
  • Guarantee your print quality will be as good on the next repeat run as it was the first time.
  • Clean your plates in minutes rather than waste hours hand scrubbing them.
  • Plates can be automatically fed into and out of the cleaner with a range of conveyors.
  • Built to last and easy to use our machines pay for themselves in a matter of months.
Orion 63 Plate Cleaner

ORION models are designed to clean, after printing, photopolymer plates, to be kept, in perfect condition, ready for reprinting.
Cleaning is quick, some minutes, (depends on the length of the plate), with any type of ink , plate thicknesses from 0.8 to 5 mm
The plate is washed, rinsed and dried
When the cycle is finished, the machine stops automatically
They are built in various sizes, look at the attached technical  feature
The functions are controlled by computers and shown on the display
As an OPTIONAL, an automatic conveyor belt can be connected to all models

Orion Plate Cleaner Commercial Printing

These models are designed for any type of photopopolymer plate, for Tipografica, Flexo and Tampografica.

Built in the models of width

Cm: 45 ** 63 ** 86 ** 110 ** 140

Inches:  18**26**35**44** 56

This series of machines is added to all our models ETRA & SELF & GALILEO, machines for the production of photopolymer plates

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Orion Plate Cleaner Conveyor

Machine for photopolymer plates cleaning after print. Models Orion washes, rinses, and dry the plates.

Technical specifications

      ORION 45ORION 63ORION 86ORION 110  ORION 140
Length      1500 mm     2000 mm2150 mm2150 mm2150 mm
Width 1000 mm1200 mm1430 mm1660 mm1960 mm
Height1030 mm1030 mm1050 mm1050 mm1050 mm
Weight150 Kg180 Kg.300 Kg350 Kg410 kg.



Packing dimensions and gross weight are the following:

Length  1100 mm1100 mm1700 mm1900 mm2130 mm
width1400 mm1250 mm1500 mm1720 mm1270 mm
high1450 mm1450 mm1450 mm1450 mm1450 mm
Gross weight230 kg250 kg450 kg500 Kg560 Kg


Power supply data



Single Phase



Single Phase


V 230 SinglePhase



single phase


single phase

Frequency 50 / 60 Hz.50 / 60 Hz.50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz.
Absorbed power 2 kW3 kW3,5 kW4,8 kW4,8 kW



Max plate width 450 mm630 mm860 mm1100 mm1400 mm
Min plate lenght200 mm200 mm250 mm250 mm250 mm
Washing tank capacity30 Lt30 Lt55 Lt55 Lt55 Lt
Rinsing tank capacity30 Lt30 Lt55 Lt55 Lt55 Lt


Orion Plate Cleaner
2015 Orion Plate Cleaner PDF SPECS

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