Laser Anilox Cleaning Equipment

Inelme is a qualified supplier for The Flexo Factor.


The INELME laser system cleans the surface of anilox cylinders very effectively using Fiber laser technology. The process is fast, simple, fully automatic and leaves the anilox clean, recovering the volume of the cells with a very high performance without the use of chemicals, bicarbonates or ultrasounds so that the machine only needs electrical power and does not generate no kind of waste.

Cleaning is carried out with a special diode laser designed to remove elements outside the engraved ceramic surface such as traces of dry ink, adhesives, waxes and silicones that may remain on the surface and inside the alveoli. All without altering or damaging the ceramic surface.

It does not exert any mechanical action on the roller surface, the expelled dirt is captured by an active carbon filter thanks to the extraction system provided in the equipment.

  • The I-LAC System, unlike other systems, is capable of cleaning very high lines where other systems have no
  • Cylinders with a maximum ink The alveoli are clean and 100% contribution is maintained.
  • Being the maximum intensity, the repetition times of work are
  • Cleaning of any color and type of water-based, solvent-based ink, adhesives, varnishes, hardeners,
  • Allows cleaning of anilox with or without shaft, as well as
  • Does not damage the surface of the material or produce
  • High cleaning Fixed at 22 minutes / m2 of surface area
  • Laser optimized for the application, greater reliability, less
  • Does not generate waste, requires pneumatic air supply and electrical
  • The user interface allows easy handling of the machine without the need for technological Software with Recipe system and 3 cleaning intensities.
  • Compliance with international safety CE marking
  • Total opening of the cylinder housing, allows the use of a crane to access the
  • AUTOFOCUS system, the head adapts automatically, depending on the cylinder diameter and length indicated on the control
Laser Anilox Cleaning
Laser Anilox Cleaning


WASHING PROCESS: The washing process is fully automatic and consists of the following cleaning stages:

  • Preparation: The operator will inform diameter and width of the cylinder
  • Cleaning: The machine will automatically position the laser unit (by means of a servomotor) and the cleaning cycle will start (laser firing with horizontal movement, rotational rotation and extractor fan):
  • Completion: When the laser reaches the end of the cleaning, it automatically returns to its starting

At the end of the cycle, the operator must open the door and remove the anilox.


The machine is controlled by a PLC and an OMRON brand touch screen. The operator can easily enter the parameters and external measurements of the anilox and start the washing process.

Operator interface: The touch screen in addition to the configuration of the anilox, also allows you to view the status of the machine at all times, time to end the cleaning cycle, list of current alarms or alarm history, etc. The machine also has illuminated pushbuttons and an emergency stop for easy, quick and correct operation of the unit.

The machine has a novel laser with diode technology, with a minimum useful life of 20,000h of continuous use and reduces maintenance costs until it is almost eliminated.

Extraction system: The machine uses an extraction system that allows the capture of all the particles in a reusable filter.

Servomotor: The servo motor allows the positioning and linear movement (X movement) of the laser with high precision and reliability that allows all movements during the cycle automatically.

Rotation motor: The rotation motor allows the anilox to rotate (Y movement) by means of a reducer, frequency variator and rubber-coated rollers so as not to damage the surface of the anilox.

Door: The machine door allows easy access to it and is specially designed so that the operator cannot access it while the laser shoots its beam. The door complies with all regulations, preventing it from being opened while the machine is firing the laser.


    • Supply voltage……………………………… …. 220-230V 50Hz / 60Hz
    • Maximum installation power…………………… 5Kw
    • Average consumption…………………………………………. 3Kw

The cleaning speed for the 60W laser is approximately 22min / m2. Approximate cleaning time for 1200mm cylinder table 150mmØ = 0.56m2 / area = 12-15 minutes *.

* NOTE: Estimated times, may vary depending on the characteristics of the cylinder (lineatura, contribution and saturation of the alveoli) and the configuration of the I- LAC unit.


The washing unit includes all the elements and materials necessary for the start-up and proper operation of the machine.

The customer should only prepare the area where the machine and the electrical supply will be installed.


Along with the machine, the Technical Construction File is presented, which includes:

    • Operator’s manual
    • Maintenance manual
    • Technical documentation of the machine (electrical, mechanical diagrams, etc. ..)

INELME offers a 1 year warranty after the equipment starts up.

Laser Anilox Cleaning
Laser Anilox Cleaning
Laser Anilox Cleaning
Laser Anilox Cleaning

The Contact Free Cleaning

Anilox laser cleaning is a more modern way of cleaning anilox rolls and is rapidly replacing the traditional methods such as media blast, ultrasonic, and chemical wash. The contact-free laser provides a cleaning without any mechanical, chemical, or unhealthy thermal load on the anilox.

The laser beam is directed to the anilox surface and the pulse’s output power are controlled in a way that protects the ceramic layer and the engraved cells. The pulses are tuned to evaporate the material trapped in the anilox cells and can act against dried inks, adhesives, waxes, silicones, Teflon, and others.

This non-contact and non-abrasive method only expose the elements that are clogged over the substrate that are vaporized and come off as dust particles easily to be collected.

There are no screen count limitations as this system can work up to 800Lpcm (2000Lpi).

After a series of evaluations at the Novara, Italy production plant’s R&D anilox center, the printing division of Praxair Surface Technologies has purchased the I-LAC system of Inelme – the first laser anilox cleaning system being introduced in the flexographic market in the early 2000s.

Inelme is a Spanish company that is present in more than forty counties with hundreds of running equipment around the world. The tremendous experience gained in the fields, brings an efficient, accurate, secure, and high- quality cleaning machine.

The PST Novara facility offers a complete evaluation service for your anilox pool. The rollers are inspected, laser cleaned, and certified as per a new anilox. Only anilox suppliers can assure a quality result, so please contact our sales team for a cleaning service quotation.

The machine is capable of anilox diameters from 60mm to 250mm and with a maximum cleanable facewidth of 2500mm for a total roll length of 3500mm between the journals.