Care and Handling of Anilox Coating Sleeves for Digital and Offset Presses

Care and Handling of Anilox Coating Sleeves for Digital and Offset Presses  Unless you already have a flexographic printing press most digital and offset printers can become very frustrated with their flexo coating units inability to achieve consistent coat weights and worse still the damage that can be caused to the engraved sleeve due to mishandling. The heart of the … Read More

Sandon Global announce plans for new HQ

Sandon Global Anilox Rolls

Sandon Global announces plans for new HQ & preview Label Expo Sandon Global….to be precise were founded in 2004. An advanced manufacturer of new and refurbished anilox rolls and sleeves. We supply narrow web and wide web printers worldwide from our specialist UK laser engraving and engineering facility. Exporting to 53 countries and ISO 9001 accredited, we pride ourselves on innovation. … Read More

Cleaning Solutions for Manual Cleaning of Anilox On and Off Press

Like it or not your operator is going to have to manually clean their anilox prior to or during a print run. Choosing what cleaning chemistry to apply can either make the task quick and effective or an absolute nightmare! The first task is to determine what ink/coating formulation you have in helping to select the right product for the … Read More

Sandon Global expands into North America with The Flexo Factor

A unique partnership has formed, bringing Sandon’s high quality anilox technology from the UK into North America. Sandon Global, a UK-based manufacturer of new and refurbished anilox rolls, anilox sleeves and gravure cylinders, got its start in 2004 after its founders noticed a gap in the market for high quality anilox supplies. Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, Sandon Global’s staff have … Read More

Eliminate to Rejuvenate!!

Eliminate to Rejuvenate!! If you are struggling to remove staining, camouflaging, banding and general contamination from your anilox then you need look no further as we have the perfect answer, it is a solution we call “Eliminator”. Developed after many years of research this product has helped hundreds of printers worldwide rejuvenate anilox that would otherwise have been reworked unnecessarily. … Read More

Dirty Anilox

Dirty anilox. Two words that can mean the difference between you being able to print good quality graphics, retain your customer, or even make a profit. Yet it is these very words that I have heard every day for my entire career and continue to do so which in part is why I formed The Flexo Factor several years ago … Read More

Blast That Roller

Blast that roller – Considering how relatively fragile the ceramic coating is on any anilox roll, the word ” blast” is not the type of noun that I would recommend associating with cleaning of any anilox. That said this is a word that many printers associate with cleaning of their anilox with the use of baking soda, plastic media or … Read More

The Flexo Factor is pleased to introduce the ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System.

ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System
The Flexo Factor is pleased to introduce the ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System.  Offered in two formats: LCV-30S for plates up to 66.929 x 98.425” LCV-40S for plates up to 82.677 x 110.236” This ergonomically designed machine with its vertical format gives every printer the ability to clean printing plates in a fast and efficient manner with minimal operator effort ... Read More

New Year Savings & Stock Clearance!!!

New Year Savings & Stock Clearance!!! 2 Roll/Sleeve/Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit for Sale Includes: All stainless 316 construction Stainless lid Auto filtration Stainless steel basket Separate holding tank Drying bars Rinse bars Control cabinet including 4 FMG 600 w/ generators for maximum cleaning efficiency Thermostatically controlled heaters for holding and wash tank Touch screen control and fully programmable PLC Requires … Read More