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Flexo Water Based Ink and Coatings

 Whether you are looking for everyday inks and coatings or specialty inks and coatings we can meet all you needs as a distributor of Arpo Inks full range of products

These include but are not limited too the following :


  • Meta-Scratch- specifically for lottery tickets and scratch off inserts
  • Aqueous – These film inks come in a wide range of strengths form printing on various films for lamination and direct printing
  • Accupro – Developed especially for the tag & label markets on paper substrates and offered in a wide range of strengths to suit every application
  • ArproTherm- For direct or indirect thermal printing applications with its high heat properties is able to eliminate pick off ink transfer to your print heads
  • Meta-Flex- A range of Gold metallic inks that offer high brilliance,excellent shelf life and superior coverage
  • High Speed- Specifically formulated for running at high speed , up to 2000fpm for narrow and wide web presses
  • UV Varnishes – Offered in Gloss,Matt and Soft feel coatings
  • Let down Varnish– MSLDV – metallic silver letdown varnish
  • Arpro “Arse123”– A pearlescent coating that can be used as an overprint,reverse print,trap over or can be used to tint colorants to create desired effect
  • Arpro-Flourescent- Full array of high viscosity and AR water based range to suit many substrates and desired properties
  • ADFooo2- Antifoam- Micro foam plus defoamer
  • AXFooo3- Ink refresh additive


We can provide samples for all of the above products including draw downs on your own substrates to enable you to make a more confident decision when choosing the best product to suit your needs.

Pearlescent Base for Flexographic Printing

Pearlescent Base for Flexographic Printing

Soft Feel Overprint Varnish

Soft Feel Overprint Varnish

As one of the few independent family owned ink manufacturers Arpro prides itself on being able to provide a comprehensive range of products formulated to suit your exact needs in quantities that you can afford and a turnround to meet your customers urgent needs. Call us for a free technical consultation to discuss your needs and your customers expectations not the limitations of the global ink companies that think one chemistry suits all !

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