The Flexo Factor is pleased to introduce the ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System.

ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System
The Flexo Factor is pleased to introduce the ACE Vertical Plate Cleaning System.  Offered in two formats:
  • LCV-30S for plates up to 66.929 x 98.425”
  • LCV-40S for plates up to 82.677 x 110.236”

This ergonomically designed machine with its vertical format gives every printer the ability to clean printing plates in a fast and efficient manner with minimal operator effort

With its clear folding doors the operator can watch the printing plate cleaning process.

This machine is designed to easily handle the largest printing plates or multiple smaller plates.

The cleaning process is carried out with a combination of high pressure spray nozzles and cleaning brushes.  It uses a blend of water and detergent.

All parts which come in contact with the cleaning solution are manufactured using stainless steel.

This machine is designed for washing printing plates, air drying them, and heats the cleaning solution for optimal cleaning results.

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