Pinnacle EZ Core Cutter


The EZ Core Cutter is a low cost solution to cut cores to any width within seconds.  This machine has deemed its self extremely useful in operations that require various core widths on a daily basis.  The portable and space saving design allows this machine to be located near any slitting machine, allowing operators to quickly transport cores to a slitting machine shaft.

There are two versions of the EZ Core Cutter available:

    • EZ Core Cutter-Razor
    • EZ Core Cutter – Round Blade
    • Applications
      • Cuts cores down to 1/4 inch wide
      • +/- .030″ cut tolerance, Clean Edge
      • +/- .030″ to .500″ wall thickness
      • Recycle used or damaged cores
      • Multiple core diameters
      • Just in time service to a slitting operation
    • Available to cut:
      • 1″ to 20″ diameter cores
      • Mandrel tooling available for any size
      • Cuts fiberboard and plastic cores
    • Features:
      • Razor clean cuts
      • Easy to change disposable utility blades
      • Compact bench top design
      • Footprint only 24″ x 36″
      • Light and mobile to be conveniently located
      • Core stop and scale for repeatability and accuracy
      • 110 v standard service.
  • Core Ranges Available:
    • 2″ to 6′ diameter ID cores without changing tooling. Model 2-6
    • 1″ to 3″ diameter ID cores without changing tooling. Model 1-3
    • 3″ to 8″ diameter ID cores without changing tooling. Model 3-8
    • 8″ to 14″ diameter ID cores without changing tooling. Model 8-14



The EZ-Core Round Blade Core Cutter is an easy route to cutting cores with a clean edge.

  • Cuts Plastic and Cardboard cores
  • Cuts cores with a clean burnished edge
  • Push-Button start/stop for safety
  • Bench mountable or cart for machine mobility

110V standard power source or as needed

Round Blade Core Cutter Specs

  • Adjustable length stop
  • Push-Button start/stop
  • Easy adjustment for various size cores
  • Cart for machine mobility
  • Cuts cores cleaner
  • Mandrels available for other core sizes