Flexographic Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades

Our team of experts at The Flexo Factor can help you make the right choice to suit your needs and expectations. Let us help you to improve your print quality, consistency. performance and profitability. Even though doctor blades may seem like an insignificant consumable that should be cheap; they are more critical than you may realize.

We offer a full range of materials, edge profiles and treatments to help ensure the consist transfer of your inks and coatings and at the same time help to guarantee the performance and longevity of your anilox.

Best Doctor Blades
​Doctor Blade Features:
  • Manufactured by Allison Systems Corporation – an IS0 9001 Registered Company
  • Metal, plastic and composite options
  • Various edge profiles and thickness
  • Custom lengths and uncut rolls
  • Blade analysis
  • Free blade samples can be provided for test purposes​

The Flexo Factor also offers a full range of cleaning solutions that have been developed to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous, (zero VOC) and solvent based solutions that have a low rate of evaporation. They are suitable for all ink & adhesives (UV-cured inks, water & solvent-based inks. Additionally, we offer manual cleaning products.

Best Doctor Blades for Sale
Best Doctor Blades for Sale
Doctor Blade

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