Anilox Roll Restoration

Astounding Anilox Roll Restoration

In Flexo Factor Blog by Steven

Are you struggling to achieve color strength, density, graphic quality and consistent ink lay down?

Even If the answer is only some of the time for any of the above issues then it’s time to restore your rolls!

This does not necessarily mean re-coating and engraving your rolls but does mean deep cleaning your anilox beyond which your blast or pressure wash systems cannot do.

The best option is to ultrasonically clean your rolls but what if you don’t have time for this?

This only leaves manual cleaning which often does not work because the cleaning product you have traditionally used fails to achieve a uniform deep clean of the ceramic engraved surface.

Do not despair for we have the answer!!

Having been supplied into all Flexo market segments for many years our liquid Eliminator and our Rejuvenator Gel products continue to astound and delight our many customers throughout North America.

Both products will remove all forms of inks and coatings and the related staining, camouflaging and banding that often lead to anilox being refurbished unnecessarily or worse continued to be run with all the dire consequences of doing so.

Comments such as” Astounding”,” Miraculous”, “We could not run our press without these press side tools “, are common from our customers and we would be delighted to get your feedback as well.

If you would like to have a demonstration or receive your personal sample of either or both astounding products please call or email us and we will be delighted to give you more information, arrange a personal demonstration or ship a free sample to you – all you pay is packaging & shipping.

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