Enhanced Gold QRE

Enhanced Gold QRE

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Enhanced Gold QRE Doctor Blades

Simplifying the mystery of Enhanced Gold QRE doctor blade selection.

Steve is pleased to introduce Enhanced Gold QRE .  This is a high-performance steel blade material with an extended life.

Steve has spent more than 30 years experimenting, testing, troubleshooting, developing and supplying the optimal anilox roller doctor blades for specific jobs. Just request a quote with the fast form below or call in and Steve will make it very easy to either replace the blades you have or if you are considering a change in blades, call in and let’s have a chat.


QRE Material

The QRE material is based on a newly developed heat-treating process that results in a metallurgy that provides enhanced performance in doctor blade applications.  Laboratory and field testing have shown that the new material provides the same performance or, in many applications, improved wipe quality and longer life than our Laser Gold (QRH) material.

Enhanced Gold QRE

Enhanced Gold QRE

With a lower material hardness than the working edge of the QRH material, there is the added benefit of potentially less cylinder wear.  Like other Gold Series products, the QRE can also help reduce anilox scoring by wearing in very small particles that are less likely to become trapped under the blade.  QRE can be safely run on ceramic cylinders and, unlike QRH, it can also be safely run on chrome plated cylinders.  The QRE material is available in 0.006”, 0.008”, 0.010”, and 0.012” thicknesses with a Rounded edge and Standard Bevel.  QRE is also available with our Superhoned bevel in 0.006”, 0.008, and 0.010” thicknesses which were not options with QRH.

Material of Choice for Abrasive Applications

As you know, the QRH material has been the material of choice for difficult abrasive applications and UV inks.  We are confident that the new QRE material will meet or exceed your expectations for performance when compared to the QRH.  Use QRE for any application where you would have previously used the QRH material.  Upon request, QRE sample blades can be provided for evaluation.  With all the benefits of the QRE material, you may be concerned about cost.  We are pleased to offer introductory pricing for the QRE that is the same as current QRH pricing. Enhanced Gold QRE

Faster Speeds, Fewer Defects, Less Waste

When anilox roll blades are working perfectly with the anilox it results in faster speeds, fewer defects and less waste. If you are experiencing, streaking, scoring, premature wear, spitting, cross web variations or any other issues, then you should talk with Steve. 1-704-962-5404

Why is this anilox unit in my digital press?

We supply a wide variety of doctor blades for flexo and digital printing. The function of the blade is to remove ink or coating from the surface of the engraved roll so that the only ink or coating remaining on the rolls that which is contained in the engraved cells.

Companies have been discovering anilox rolls (cylinders) in their new digital presses. We supply blades for these digital machines. Many digital presses utilize the time tested reliability of anilox to apply coatings, glues and inks for specific processes. We supply the doctor blades and cleaning supplies for digital presses.

Just the Facts

Steve takes the mystery out of choosing the best blade for your exact machine and projects. Sometimes the more expensive Enhanced Gold QRE blades are the best choice. However, very frequently the less expensive materials work even better because they match better with your anilox and coating. Steve focuses on determining the optimal blade for your project.

Our team of experts at The Flexo Factor can help you make the right choice for anilox doctor blades to suit your production goals and expectations. Let us help you to improve your print quality, consistency. performance and profitability.

Also Supply the Best Anilox Cleaning Supplies

You can find the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment in our online store which is located right here on this website. Anilox is our specialty. We provide the equipment, supplies, training and consulting to improve the world’s print quality.

Get the Right One

Even though doctor blades may seem like an insignificant consumable that should be cheap; they are more critical than you may realize.

Enhanced Gold QRE
Enhanced Gold QRE

Enhanced Gold QRE Specifications

Tool steel with optimized microstructure for extreme wear applications. QRE is proven to last at least 5 to 10 times longer than CX material and can help reduce spitting problems with UV inks and reduce anilox scoring issues. QRE has a gold metallic appearance and is mainly used in flexo doctoring applications with ceramic or chrome anilox rolls. Gravure customers with very long-run jobs or any high wear application can also benefit by using this material.

QRE is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 mil thicknesses with RND (Rounded), STD (Standard), and SUP (Superhoned®) bevels. Not all bevels are available in all thicknesses.

Doctor Blade Edge Profile

There are three common doctor blade edge profiles.  If you have a a job requiring a different edge profile, just ask.

Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades

Choosing Doctor Blades

Choosing Doctor Blades

Request for a Doctor Blade Recommendation and Price Quote

For a price quote on doctor blades, please answer the following questions.

We realize you may not be able to answer every question. However, the more information you can provide the more accurate our recommendation will be.

Doctor Blades

Our team of experts at The Flexo Factor can help you make the right choice for doctor blades to suit your needs and expectations. Let us help you to improve your print quality, consistency. performance and profitability. Even though doctor blades may seem like an insignificant consumable that should be cheap; they are more critical than you may realize.

We offer some of the most advanced equipment from around the world to meet your most complex needs. So, whether you need a blade, press, laminator, slitter rewinder, plate cleaner, plate mounter, web inspection stroboscopes, roll handling devices, flexo end seals, anti-static & dust removal systems or other machinery, please give us a call or browse through our site for more information.

We offer a full range of materials, edge profiles and treatments to help ensure the consistent transfer of your inks and coatings and at the same time help to guarantee the performance and longevity of your anilox.

Best Doctor Blades

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