Corrugated Ultrasonic Tank


Developed specially to handle the larger integral and sleeved anilox needed in the Corrugated industry our units are designed and built to suit every company’s unique needs
Machines are offered in manual , semi or fully automatic variations which can include auto fill, empty, rinse and dry.
The machines are very robust and easy to operate with PLC touch screens for programming of each step for automated units and simple push buttons and switches for manual systems
All units use our patented frequency sweep technology which guarantees safe cleaning of all line counts for extended time periods as dictated by the condition of the anilox being cleaned
All systems have integrated filtering systems to help maintain the solution longevity and cleaning performance.
The cleaning solution is heated for improved cleaning performance and is controlled by a thermocouple to maintain the ideal adjustable temperature.
Units can be designed to clean multiple rolls or sleeves and also have the option of a pre/post inspection/rinse tank which can be very useful particularly when sleeved anilox are being cleaned.
All units are built with high quality stainless steel for easy of cleaning and durability.

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  • Power supply needed for the machines can be designed to suit your on site availability
  • For automatic units an air supply will be needed to operate the solenoid controls
  • We recommend a direct water supply to each tank and drainage to suit your local by laws
  • We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions for both preconditioning of the anilox, daily manual cleaning and for dilution in the cleaning tank
  • For anilox of this size we highly recommend a over head gantry cranage system for safe loading and unloading of the anilox.


If you are serious about keeping the heart of your press (the anilox) in tip top condition then give us a call and let us tell you how affordable this technology is for you!

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